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Apr 18, 2013 2:44pm PDT
and then stephanie thomas, ellie marks and stephen krolig. >>> hi, i'm rosemary binsco. i would also like to come out in favor of the right to know and ask you not to cave in to the industry. there's so many things that the cell phones do even if people are trying to use them as safely as possible. for example, if you're riding in a train in an enclosed metal area, then it affects everybody around the person using the cell phone. these kind of things i think are important for people to know, especially if they have a pacemaker or anything that's going to weaken them. so, that's really it for me. i think it's very important to let people know. >> thank you. >>> hello, good afternoon. i'm stephanie thomas. speaking on item 8 and against any settlement. i'm in favor of the right to know, favor of having a fact sheet such as this at the point of sale. i think it's very important educating people about how to protect themselves about the radio frequency from the cell phone. it's very important. people lead very busy lives, complex lives and are also not informed how they can protect themselves against man
Apr 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
should be -- because it is plural. >> or san pedro. >> stephanie: richard clark former counter-terrorism chief yesterday. >> they had other bombs ander -- and other explosives. >> stephanie: that's what the boston police chief was saying on the tv. mayor thomas menino. >> brainwashed his younger brother from there. what happened on marathon day. >> stephanie: the ap talking about obviously question maybe who led whom and obviously from all accounts, it looks like the older. i would do anything my older brother said including put my head in the news he had fashioned -- the noose he had fashioned for me. if you recall my hanging story. look stephi, i have set up a chair for you. put your head in here. okay. >> did he tell you it was a necklace? >> stephanie: i was going to lead -- the uncle said of dzhokhar he's not understanding anything. he's a 19-year-old boy. he's been wasted by his older brother. he used him for whatever he's done. and other crimmologists are saying it is highly unusual for the younger to be the leader. my job was just to run from my brother whenever he yell
Apr 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
of issues being raised by the boston case and i was saying michael thomas thomasky, who i want to date and kiss and marry -- >> and he is good looking to. so go for it. >> stephanie: thank you very much. appreciate your support. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: man charged after aledged naked door dog crawl. a riverside county man had pled not guilty to burglary and indecent exposure. the woman opened her door to mind the man naked and possibly drunk. and the man announced he was there to have sex. >> maybe he should have called first. mike thomasky everybody is talking about bush because of his new libary. >> got a new libary, it's got a lot of coloring books. comic books -- >> stephanie: anyway he talks about your favorite conservatives, especially in talk radio, notably laura ingraham -- [ screeching ] >> stephanie: arguing that the bombing s are proof that now is not the time to carry out our immigration reform. what? [ inaudible ] the last time the immigration law was changed, suddenly these two guys and these two guys alone offer some kind of proof we need to
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)